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“China Textile Suppliers” (en.168tex.com) is a multi-channel e-commerce platform, which focuses on the textile industry. Our purpose is to help export textiles in China, build a new channel between the international buyers and domestic textile manufacturers, and promote foreign trade for the Chinese textile suppliers.
“China Textile Suppliers” gathers all kinds of outstanding domestic fabric weaving, after-finishing and other Chinese textile manufacturers and their products on the basis of “http://www.168tex.com/” and “http://www.texlx.com/”, to provide the first-time textile information for the global users. Meanwhile, we integrate various products of the excellent Chinese textile suppliers, and to provide the promptest and comprehensive product information for the global textile practitioners.
“China Textile Suppliers” will assist the global textile practitioners’ on purchasing more effectively and efficiently in the Chinese textile supply market, and providing more effective marketing channels. It will help the domestic textile suppliers to promote their outstanding products to the world.
"China's textile suppliers" combines a series of on-line and off-line resources, including industry information, e-commerce, search engine, exhibition, conference and face-to-face trade etc., and provides the domestic textile suppliers with multi-channel global directional and accurate textile products export promotion services.