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Jan.9th, 2018-PFY Prices Climb in Shengze Shenghong

Author:     Jan 09, 2019 14:25     

Today the quotation centers of PFY prices climb in Shengze Shenghong. The prices increase 100 Yuan/ton. Now the quotation of FDY 50D/24F is about 9,700 Yuan/ton, FDY50D/72F is about 10,600 Yuan/ton. POY 150D/144F and 150D/288F is about 8,100 Yuan/ton and 8,150 Yuan/ton. Besides, PFY prices tend to be stable in Zhejiang Tongkun. Now the quotation of POY75D/72F is about 8,650 Yuan/ton, POY150D/144F is about 8,530 Yuan/ton and POY150D/288F is about 8,400 Yuan/ton.

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